Club Events + Printed & Physical Works

Friday Febuary 28 2020
        Gnork. — Yamamori Tengu — An astounding DJ & producer known for his punchy and atmospheric bass driven music. Hosted in an Asian restaurant/club — a wreckage of variables. Hence, Giving me inspiration to use bold contrasts between black & white to convey a subtle asian theme throughout.

Hosted by YinYang & EasyPeelers.

Wednesday April 20 2022
        Live Slow Die Old!A2 180gsm print — An old take on the ‘Live Fast Die Young’ phrase — As I grow out of my youth it’s become a sentiment I whole-heartedly support.

Printed & Shipped in Lisbon.

Thursday August 01 2019
        Lepton. — Autumn / Winter Series
Tasked with creating a theme for each poster to coincide with one another over the course of 6 months — lead to creating a mirage of brutalism designed throughout each poster of the campaign.

Venues: Yamamori Tengu, Wigwam, The Sound House & The Bernard Shaw.
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Friday 25th March 2022    
‘Timing’. — Screenprint, Spraypaint & Acrylic on 48 Ceramic Tiles — 80x60cm — ‘Timing’ was born from the modern day precarity of being a creative in Ireland — And the ambitious idea of venturing abroad in search for a new lease of creativity.

Created in Lisbon, Showcased at the Launch Exhibition, in Dublin Modular’s Studio/Space.
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Friday Febuary 11 2021
        Lepton x Cultivated Electronics Motion Graphics & Event poster — A collaboration of Lepton, a Dublin based collective & Cultivated Electronics, a London based collective both known for their electronic bass heavy sound.

Venue: The Sound House.

Monday August 17 2021
        The Ghoul & The Night Gaurd Digital illustration — Playing on the topics of imagination & trickery.

Hand drawn & Vectored.

Saturday March 14th 2020
        Yin Yang. — 1 Year Anniversary — Motion graphics designed for Yin Yang to celebrate their anniversary event hosting both local & international artists.

Green colour pallette as it was coinciding with the weekend of St.Patricks Day in Ireland. 

Venue: Wigwam

Branding + Publications & Websites

March 2022

Logo for — a new online platform showcasing Irish art & design.
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November 2020

“AUT functions as a document of the unique time we live in, but also as an ode to searching, and to the places we find ourselves”.

AUT was curated by artists Evan Kelly & Andrew Kernan. It was published and sold in the Temple Bar Gallery: Art Book Fair 2020. 

Jessica Anne Harte (JAH) Contemporary Streetwear
Branding + Logo

January 2022

National College of Art & Design Student Union (Ireland)
Re-brand + Website Development
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Febuary 2021

Researching brutalism within Irish architecture as part of my final year project; ‘Brootal’ was one of three publications born from the characterics of brutalism.
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